I'm in love with the Coco...nut Oil!

I’m in love in with the Coco….nut oil      [you guys see what I did there ;) ]

      By Fifi Tesfatsion


If I were to tell you there was a holy grail of skin care, would you believe me? Well I am here to tell you ladies you that you can achieve your skin’s perfect potential with one easy step. Sound good to be true? Unfortunately the secret has been out for ages and we are just now embarking on all its untapped glory. Coconut oil, that’s right good ol’ coconut oil.  Its unsurpassed in the countless of beneficial effects our body reaps from its entire splendor.

As a makeup artist, often dealing with an arrangement of skin types on a daily basis, I am asked numerous questions, one of which recur more often than most: What do I need to do to achieve flawless skin? Well first you have to come to the understanding that not everyone has the same skin types, however there are 4 categories that everyone falls under, and once you understand your skin’s habitual nature, you will be able to harness the ability correctly managing it.


  • 1. Oily skin:  You tend to have an over secretion of oil and you find yourself all to often glowing more than you prefer.

  • 2. Dry: You dread any temperature below 70 degrees Celsius in fear of the desert like conditions manifesting on your skin. Your skin is often presents in a rough textured like state and you find yourself going through gallons of moisturizer.

  • 3. Normal: usually don’t have too much trouble except you tend to have random PMS like spurts of abnormal skin behavior.

  • 4. Last but not least combination skin: This is usually comprised of oily skin in hotter conditions and dry in cooler climates. Your skin cant decide what it wants to be for the day, it’s the cracker jack of skin types, you find yourself too indecisive of how to handle your skin. However, despite the variance of skin type my answer always remains, coconut oil.

The coconut oil is chemically comprised of medium chain fatty acids, which falls under the category of saturated fats otherwise known as “good fats”. This specific chemical structure allows for prolonged moisture perseveration and simultaneously sustains key nutrients already present in your skin. Coconut oil also provides an anti microbial component, so you never have to worry about trapped dirt and bacteria affecting your skin either. Coconut oil also contains high levels of protein, which isn’t just for building those guns, but in regards to your skin provides a mechanism for increased cell health and rate of repair. So basically what I’m trying to say here is that it’s bomb.com, and you should never live life without it. Your skin craves moisture, being that it’s your largest organ and all cells are 70 percent water anyways, who wants to drink a water tower a day when you can simply use coconut oil and have your skin look fabulous? Head to toe, it’s the way to go!

 The future of makeup is trending now towards the “naturalism movement.” What I mean by this is that the “in” look isn’t necessarily abstract design or artistic motifs but to rather to have a rather close to natural end product as possible. It’s all about the enhancement of what you are already working with. In order to successfully do so, I cannot stress further how vital it is to have a proper foundation to work with.  What is makeup without a properly primed canvas? Coconut oil not only provides variant short-term benefits but it also allows for long-term preservation of what is already there. Use it and do so consistently, you will start to see the effects manifest quickly and you will notice how different makeup application and your skin in general feels and look by doing so. Not to mention, it is also a great makeup remover!

My recommendation is to use virgin/unprocessed and organic, which insures greatest concentration of the potent nutrients it has to offer. Also a little goes a long way, the skin can only absorb so much, make sure to use a small amount. This will last you a long time and insure the skin is protected and moisturized.


With all of that being said, run to your nearest Whole Foods and grab you the biggest can of coconut oil you can find! Enjoy the benefits. They are so well worth it!

Happy Shopping!


XOXO Makeup by Fifi